Saturday, March 28, 2009


I remember hearing my mom say, "How did this happen? How did I become the mom of a 17 year old?" I thought it was a weird thing to say. But here I am saying, "How did this happen?" I look at my 6'2" son and I wonder what happened to that sweet little brown eyed boy. I see that little boy inside the amazing teenager. I see a tender heart and a desire to do good. I see honesty and kindness. I see him still sitting on his dad's lap and walking with his arms around me at the store. I see a hard worker with integrity and determination. I see a quiet boy and a deep thinker. I am proud of him and I am so grateful he is mine.

He is fishing right now. It was the way he wanted to spend his birthday. So Michael, Kyle, Tom, Mitch and Christopher are in Riggins right now steelhead fishing. Michael outfitted Christopher with a new fly rod and I really hope he catches something. I told them they have to be back before midnight so that I can give him a birthday hug and kiss. It is my right as the mom. I am also making him an ice cream cake. I have never tried such a thing. My friend Zelphie gave me some pointers so I hope it is not a disaster.

10 things I love about Christopher
1. His chocolate brown eyes
2. His tender heart
3. His intelligence
4. His ability to make peace
5. His kindness
6. His desire to be a honorable priesthood holder
7. His sense of humor
8. His determination
9. His love of a good steak
10. I love that he is mine forever

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Kyle

Today was track practice. A major storm rolled through the valley. Black skies. Hail. Blinding rain. They practiced for a while and then sent everyone home. Kyle did not have his cell phone because the battery was not charged. Christopher was at the school having tennis practice. They were in the gym because of the terrible weather. Kyle had options. Stay at the school under the awning, borrow someones phone to call me, or find Christopher. My boy came up with running in the storm 1 1/2 miles to our friends house. When I picked him up 30 minutes later, he was still soaked to the bone. Three very nice but unfamiliar people offered to give him a ride. People that are still talking about the poor abused boy running alone in a storm because his mom wouldn't pick him up or at the very least make sure he had a coat. I am waiting for the family services people to show up. He would not accept a ride(good thing). When walking to our car, he realized that somewhere on the mile and half dash, he had lost his shoes. He had his track shoes but not his school shoes. They had fallen out of his unzipped backpack. Who has time to secure a backpack when you are running in the rain!! So we went on a shoe hunt. We dodged traffic, and searched in the pouring rain for brown RocketDogs. Finally, we found one and then the other about 100 yards away. Lonely shoes waiting patiently to be retrieved. All this time, my Kyle has a smile on his face. What a boy!!