Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bridge Jumpers.

Emily jumps
Trying to be brave

Josh jumping off

Blake and Jacob

Shelby being brave

Ren in the air

Blake the Brave

Josh the Fearless

Brian took us to a bridge that the kids could jump off into the river. It was over 15 high and they plunged into a cool green river. Most of the kids were pretty scared, but not Josh. He just climbed over the railing and jumped!!! Well, then it became a matter of pride. Blake was next then Ren and Jacob. Josh jumped again and stayed in so he could help Emily. And in she went. I have to say it was scary to watch my 10 year old jumping off a bridge Shelby worried and worried and finally went in.

Tie Creek

Josh, Ren, Jacob, Abby, Grandma, Shelby

Emily, Shelby, Abby

It was over 100 degrees for the last few days, but we didn't care because we were at Tie Creek Campground. It is a small campground with not a whole lot to do but the one thing we did. Which is floating the river. It is pretty shallow, in some places we hit bottom in our boat. But it was so gorgeous. Pine trees and clear cool water and great company. Stefani and her two little boys went with us. It was great to be with MY cousin too.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pearl Lake

The beautiful Phoebe
Eight cousins
Blake, Josh, Ren, Shelby, Abby
Emily, Miles, Jacob

Sweet Emily eating an apricot

Shelby and the would be frog prince

Abby, Emily, Ren, Jacob, Josh

When we are in McCall, we love to hike. This time we went to Pearl Lake. It is just a tiny lake and the hike is just under 2 miles. It is perfect for short legs aka the three and under crowd. The mosquitos were brutal but is was so incredibly beautiful. Green meadows thick with wildflowers, meandering creeks, and old burnt trees among fresh green pines. The cousins caught frogs by the dozens and floated them down a little stream. Miles fell in the lake while Rachel was fishing, and Shelby kissed a frog hoping for a prince.


Kyle and Phoebe
Hot dog roast at the beach

Four cute boys
Jacob, Ren, Kyle, Blake

Emily, Jacob, Abby
Cousins just sitting on the dock

I do love McCall. I just spent a week there with my family. Sometimes there were over 20 people there. People just come and go as they can. Last night we played games and laughed until the tears were rolling. It is so great to have the cousins play together all day. We are so happy to have some of our Virginia cousins here. The weather was perfect including a roaring mountain thunderstorm.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July


The Winchester's

The Hansen's

My attempt at firework photography

Our good friends, the Winchester's, came to visit us from Utah. They arrived at about noon on Saturday and we plunked them right in a raft and we floated the river from Linder to Star. Erica and Joe, my parents, and Jordan made up the floatilla. We had 5 rafts, 2 canoes, and a pontoon boat. It takes about 3 hours and it is so beautiful. We saw herons and eagles and played with frogs and a tiny snake. I love that we can do this right out our back door. We came to our house to swim and then went to my parents house for the traditional BBQ. Michael and Kyle had a little nap and we lit off fireworks in the baseball field behind the church. We had a blast.

June Catch-up

Ross, Cassidy,(2nd Cousins) and Shelby
Jon, Shelby and Miles crossing the river

Emily found this little snake

I am really trying to post at least 4 times a month so that at the end of the year, I can make a book. I am behind for June. We went to Tie Creek to visit my parents who were camping there. I made Jon and Rachel come with me because Michael was working. We suprised my parents and really had a fun day. We played in the river and roasted marshmallows and then went home to our own beds.