Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday, Shelby was having a difficult morning.

I was busy getting breakfast ready and getting everyone where they needed to be.

She was crying because nothing was going right for her.

Clothes not right

Breakfast not right

Hair not right

Backpack not right

Tired Tired Tired

Michael came in and pulled her to him and snuggled her on the couch. He whispered calmly to her and just held her for a while.

Emily watched all of this and came to me and said "Dad has five hearts."

What? I wasn't sure what she was talking about.

Then she explained,

"He has one whole heart for each of us."

What a sweet way to explain a father's love

Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 5 of No-Screen Sunday's

Well, I thought I would just do an update on the No-Screen Sunday's. If you ask my kids, the girls will say it is great, the boys might complain a bit. However, I have made some interesting observations. First, we play a lot of games which means a lot of laughing. Homework gets done early. We went on a country drive yesterday. Kyle tied some fishing flies, a hobby he has not "had time to do". Suddenly, there is time. We had a royal wrestling match with Kyle, Shelby, and Emily against Michael. Michael still is the king. A sweet 16 year old took a 4 1/2 hour much needed nap. The sweet 16 year old even admits that if he could have played video games he would not have slept. I think it is a great success and I look forward to Sunday's.

Medieval Feast

the dress
the hair

The 7th graders study the middle ages and at the end they put on a huge Medieval Feast. It is no small event. The girls get big flowy dresses and the boys dress up as Knights or townsfolk. When Christopher's class did it, I had no idea what a big deal it was. He wanted to be blacksmith, so his costume was easy. But when I went to help out with the party, some girls had rented huge dresses and the costumes were crazy. This year of course Shelby wanted to be a lady. I found the perfect dress for her but it had no sleeves so I made her a long sleeve shirt out of velvet to go underneath it. In the pictures it looks like a different color green, but in real life it is exactly the same color. She loved it and had a great time. Today she is off on a ski trip at Bogus Basin. Hey, doesn't anyone have to go to school?