Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tubing in the Snow

We love the snow. One of our favorite things to do in the snow is a kind of KING of the TUBE game. We tie a rope to a giant inner tube and then attach it to the back of the 4-wheeler. The driver then pulls the tube in a circle. All the kids try to jump on and stay on the longest. It is so funny. The kids fly everywhere. The kids had been in the house playing video games and really needed the excersise. By the time we were finished, everyone was tired and rosy cheeked. These were the lucky participants, Christopher, Kyle, Shelby, Emily, Josh, Jacob, Abby, Jon and his brother-in-law, Eric. I know that this can be a little dangerous, but so far we have only had one broken arm!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Compromise

When we first got married , we bought real Christmas trees. Michael was always afraid of our tree catching on fire because lot trees are so dry. Then for years we put up a fake tree. And I cried because I needed the tree smell and needles on the floor. We came up with a great compromise. We go to the mountains and cut our tree. It is great memory making stuff. We bring chili and hot chocolate. We sled if there is snow and just enjoy the whole adventure. This year we took Jon and Miles with us. Rachel and Sean stayed home and relaxed, however, I did notice a freshly vacuumed house when we returned.
Shelby and Miles

Jon's Pick

Someone forgot to bring bowls for the chili so we just took turns slurping up the stuff

All loaded up and ready to go

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Velma Springs

We have a secret place, well not so secret, that we visit in the fall. It is a little place on the Payette River. Several years ago, Kyle caught a fish there and Emily named it Velma (right before we ate it). Since then the place is known in our family as Velma Springs. The Springs part is because there is a nice hot springs right by the river. It is blocked off with rocks and there are nice little tubs formed. My kids love to sit in the hot springs when it is sooo cold outside. Well, we needed a break this weekend and we went to our place of peace and family fun. We brought foil dinners to cook and marshmellows to roast. Unfortunately, it had just rained there. A LOT. So the fire pit was soaked. We would build a nice fire then the ground would start to steam and put the fire out. We never did get a really good fire going. Luckily, I brought a cook stove and a pot and we were able to put all of our foil dinners together and make a stew. It was hot and so yummy. I did forget a large spoon or ladle. Emily made one for me. She had Michael cut off the bottom of a pop bottle. She then used electrical tape and secured it to a stick. She is my mini McGyver. (for any of you old enough to know who that is) We rode the 4-wheelers around in the mud and generally had a wonderful time.