Friday, August 21, 2009

Temple trip

We took all the kids 12 and over to the temple to do baptisms. We had 9 cousins and 10 adults. Lori and Rachel stayed home with the babies and younger girls. It was an amazing experience. I'm so glad we live near a temple.

The End of an Era

The family cabin has been sold. There are a lot of reasons but mainly, it is because the family is getting so much bigger and the cabin isn't. It makes me sad but I can see the logic. It has been in our family for 38 years and the volume of memories is gigantic. I think of a sleeping cabin full of giggling girls, flying angel food cakes, midnight skinny-dipping, bowls of pistacio pudding, stitches, broken arms, and appendicitis. I think of stories of Mickey, Sticky, Icky, and Stuffy. Late night Pinochle, huckleberries, and jelly bellies. I think of cross country skiing, and waterskiing. I think of honeymoons and birthday parties. It is time to make new memories somewhere else. My dad say's it's on to bigger and better things. Farewell dear cabin, you will be missed.

McCall Revisited

This great picture was taken by Nicali, age 7
Zach, Kyle, Christopher, coaching Jacob

A flying leap

Emily and Abby


Emily got impatient waiting for the fire to be ready
A new game, called Roll the Crazy Boy over the Log
Christopher, Kyle, Josh, and Zach

Sean's new teething toy. It worked!!

Kyle and Miles, "Sledding"

The girls,
Emily, Nicali, Hannah, Shelby, Sean(not a girl), Abby

We have so much fun in McCall. We play games till all hours of the night. We swim in the lake, go fishing, and hike. It is just great family fun. We had a corn roast at the beach. Kyle took a sled and pulled Miles around. Who says you need snow to sled? The younger kids perfected their dives.

Pearl Lake Revisited

Kyle getting ready to dive in
Ren and Kyle

Michael giving Rachel some fly fishing tips

Shelby doing what she does best, Loving Babies
We really did revisit Pearl Lake. This time we hiked around the lake and found an amazing place to fish and camp. I think we will backpack in next year and plan to stay a night or two. Michael caught some fish and crazy Kyle dove in. The water was FREEZING. That just doesn't seem to bother him. All the cousins played tag and had a great time!

Wood Hucking

Jon picking slivers

Jacob and Rachel

Dad, Jon, Brian

While in McCall, we went wood hucking to fill my dad's wood pile. We took 14 people and can I just say that 14 people can haul a cord of wood in no time at all. My dad used the chain saw and the rest of us made a line and passed the wood. It was really quite fun. The kids were wonderful and never complained. We found a TON of huckleberries when we were finished and picked enough for 2 huckleberry cobblers and huckleberry pancakes. So good!

Corn Roast

Phoebe, Sylvia, Miles
Christopher, Kyle, Sean


Grandma Pearman
Dad, Brian, Phoebe, Nicali
Oh My, where has August gone. Well after a series of unfortunate events, Ashli and Philip finally got here. We were so happy to have them and their girls. Mom hosted a corn roast. This is a family tradition from way back when I was little. You build a great fire then you put fresh unshucked corn in the pit and roast slowly. We just ate corn, watermelon, and fresh cucumbers. We finished off with homemade icecream and brownies for desert. Tell me, does it get any better than that?