Friday, August 21, 2009

McCall Revisited

This great picture was taken by Nicali, age 7
Zach, Kyle, Christopher, coaching Jacob

A flying leap

Emily and Abby


Emily got impatient waiting for the fire to be ready
A new game, called Roll the Crazy Boy over the Log
Christopher, Kyle, Josh, and Zach

Sean's new teething toy. It worked!!

Kyle and Miles, "Sledding"

The girls,
Emily, Nicali, Hannah, Shelby, Sean(not a girl), Abby

We have so much fun in McCall. We play games till all hours of the night. We swim in the lake, go fishing, and hike. It is just great family fun. We had a corn roast at the beach. Kyle took a sled and pulled Miles around. Who says you need snow to sled? The younger kids perfected their dives.

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